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Professional for pipe cleaning and air conditioner


Offering friendly, efficient service to each customer is Daito’s goal.


We have created lasting relationships and completed quality work in the areas of Osaka Japan for many years. We guarantee that we will strive to make it our mission to propose competitive rates and promise a high level of expertise for our residential and commercial services.


Like our customers, our employees also deserve the best, which is why we sent them to Japan to learn the modern and innovative products and techniques, and the Japanese staffs regularly provide the training and check the services. We know that lifelong education is the secret to making sure that our customers are given the most effectual and competent services to be had today.


The priority at piping problem, and Air Conditioning are our clients. We are on-call 24 hours a day so that you know we are only a phone call away in cases of emergency.


Thank you so much for browsing our Daito’s site – Quality pipe cleaning and air conditioning service in Bangkok.


Frequently asked questions

  • Why Is My AC Running, But Not Cooling?"
    A common problem like this might relate to a dirty and clogged condenser. When dirt and grass trimmings get in the way, the unit cannot get rid of air as efficiently. This, in turn, makes it more difficult for the air conditioning unit to cool your home.
  • Why Do Air Conditioners Stop Working?
    Sometimes, when air conditioners stop working, the fix is as simple as flipping a breaker. However, if cleaning/replacing the filter or resetting the breaker doesn’t fix your problem, you may need air conditioning repair. You could have a problem with a compressor, motor, or the refrigerant.
  • How often should we clean the drain?
    When the smell comes up from the drainage or when the drain makes some noise to thow water, immediately clean the drainage pipe! The standard of cleaning frequency is at least once a year.
  • Prevention Tips For Drain Cleaning
    Daito can help you with drain cleaning, but the best way to avoid clogged drains is to avoid what leads to clogged drains. Try some of these tips at home to prevent future clogs: 1 Never pour grease or oil down the drain as it will solidify and clog your drain 2 Start using hair and food screens on your sink and shower to catch materials before they enter the drains 3 At least once a week, pour hot water down your drains. This will help clean the drains of any sediment before it has a chance to harden and create a clog ​
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